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Broken Clock Vodka

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Broken Clock Vodka

We are delighted to announce that Broken Clock Vodka is now our house pour here at 113 Chancery Lane. Hailing from North Yorkshire the vodka is distilled in the outhouse of eccentric British author Laurence Stern’s previous residence. It is made using traditional 18th century ingredients, subtly infused in an antiquated copper pot still, creating a sophisticated yet playful spirit.

To highlight this partnership, we would like to share Broken Clock Vodka’s favourite summer cocktail – The Windfall Apple Spritz:

50 ml Broken Clock Vodka

100 ml Cloudy Apple Juice

Top with splash of soda water (or splash of cider!)

Garnish with dried apple slice and sprig mint and serve in a high ball glass filled with ice.

We hope you enjoy this as much as we do!

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